Idea Group of Companies unveils recycling plant

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Idea Group of Companies that offered local consumers revolutionary trend setting roofing solutions and other construction supplies recently commissioned a recycling plant to recycle discarded and leftovers of their i-Roof and i-Panel products.
The recycling plant was commissioned at the same premises at Katana where the main factory, renowned as South Asia’s largest ASA sheet manufacturing factory is situated.Being the only recycling plant in the country of this nature itwas commissioned with a view to contributing towards a Green economy by mitigating any possible effects on nature.
Consumers who use i-Roof and i-Panels can now handover leftovers of those products to their nearest SIVILIMA showroom and contribute towards this generous venture.
Idea Company will transport these leftovers to their recycling plant. Moreover, it is praiseworthy that Idea Group Limited has invested its funds to pay a handsome amount to those who participate for this worthy cause.
Sampath Mayakaduwa, CEO and Managing Director, Idea Group Limited,Speaking at the occasion of unveiling the first recycling plant for ASA polymer products in Sri Lanka said Idea Company’s products aretruly one hundred percent green oriented.
“When using i-Roof and i-Panels it is inevitable that consumers end up with leftovers. But as a socially responsible and green oriented company we took measures to rectify this by commissioning this newest recycling plant”, he commented.
The i-Roof product perfectly blends with diverse climatic conditions in Sri Lanka and offers its users 25 more benefits as against normal roofing tiles and other thatching sheets in the marketplace.
A standard i-Roof is three feet and five inches in its width and can be obtained in 10 sizes. It can be obtained to the exact roof size to eliminate wastage.
According to the requirement of the users i-Roof can be obtained in colors; Brick Red, Chocolate Brown, Rose red and Dark green. i-Roof is three feet and five inches in its width and comes in different lengths as six, eight, ten and twelve feet. It can also be ordered to any length the customer requires.
Idea Group of Companies that offers total solutions to interior of houses and roofs is equipped with SIYANA and SIVILIMA showrooms that have wide networks. Idea is a leading diversified company in Sri Lanka, active in the spheres, construction, hotels and IT striving to reach the pinnacle of success.

This unique product is manufactured with a special synthetic resin formula and very especially with a layer of ASA material that gives extended life time and an all-weather resistant quality to this roofing sheet.


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